Spices/Spice powder

Spice is an aromatic vegetable product derived from certain plant parts like seeds, leaves, bark, roots etc. It is mainly used for enhancing taste of the food. Traditionally, a country of agriculture, India leads the Spice Trade, as it covers over 48% percentage of overall consumption of spices around the world.

Our network of spice procurement is spread across India, selecting only the best. We have our own procurement centres and the best people to procure Top quality Spices at growing areas. We clean and pack Whole spices in various packing sizes according to our Buyers requirement in our own packing unit. We strictly follow the guidelines of The Spice Board of India to effectively control the entry of Insects and other harmful organisms in our warehouse and packing unit.


Our packing unit is versatile to handle packing sizes of 100, 200,500 GMS, 1,5,20.25 kgs. We pack in PP pouches, Duplex Carton Boxes, Poly woven Bags, Paper Bags. We also undertake packing and labeling according to our Buyers requirement.

Spice powder

Secret of tastier recipe is the perfect blend of spices. We grind, blend and pack typical South Indian spices, Masala powder varieties in our KRP brand. Our expertise lies in selection of high grade spices and perfect proposition of spices for making masala powders. We also manufacture customized masala powders.

Masala powder

Masala Powders are the blend of many spices in perfect proportion. In olden days, people had time to make all masala powders at home. With a fast pace of life, home made masalas are a thing of past. We bring to you the perfect blend of masala with home made taste, aroma and freshness. We manufacture different varieties of masala powders to make your cooking easy,simple and interesting, which are classified basically as South Indian, North Indian and Sri Lankan.


We clean, grind and pack all premium quality spices powders and masala powders in our own processing and packing unit hygienically, where we take special care that the products do not loss their natural odor and taste. We pack in all packing sizes of 50,100, 200, 500 gms, 1, 5, 20, 25Kgs in PP pouches, Duplex Carton Boxes, Poly woven bags, Paper bags.

We have come out with our KRP premium quality spices and masala powders packed in eye catching Duplex Carton boxes of 500gms x 20 AND 200gmsx50 numbers per carton, which is exported to a larger extent. We also do packing and labeling according to our Buyers requirement.